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Bruno - Our School Dog

Bruno joined the Livingstone Team in April 2022.  He has become a very popular member of the team and he loves spending time with his friends at Livingstone giving cuddles, doing tricks, going for walks and listening to children read.  

Bruno is a 3 year old Hovawart who is owned by Mrs Parkinson our Learning Mentor. He is a very gentle dog who is very used to being with lots of children and is as happy to play and chase a ball as he is to sit calmly on the floor or snuggle up on the floor and enjoy human company. Hovawarts were once nearly extinct following WWII; today, they are often used as therapy dogs and search dogs.  Bruno’s mum is a search and rescue dog with the Oldham Mountain Rescue Team. Bruno has completed puppy training and dog socialisation training.

Reasons to have a dog in school :

  • Dogs are fun! They greet you with a wagging tail and unconditional love which will inspire you to come into school on time each day and thrive.
  • Dogs teach children about socialisation. By learning how to interact with a dog, your communication and socialisation skills will improve.
  • Dogs teach children compassion. Just like humans, dogs feel emotion and pain and so you must ensure that you care for our school dog.
  • Dogs teach children patience. Dogs do not always do as they are asked first time. Keep trying and don’t give up!
  • Dogs teach children responsibility. Help our school dog by ensuring he has enough food, water and comfort each day.


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