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Curriculum Intent

We have considered our Curriculum Intent carefully.  We aim for children to leave Livingstone not only ready for the next step in their education academically but also ready personally, socially and emotionally with high aspirations. 

We have identified three Curriculum Drivers which shape our curriculum.  They are derived from an exploration of the backgrounds of our students, our beliefs about high quality education, our values and the skills that we believe our children need for the future. 

  • Our first Curriculum Driver is the development of vocabulary.    
  • Our second Curriculum Driver is developing an increased awareness of the world beyond Mossley.   
  • Our third Curriculum Driver is developing an enquiring mind.  

For more information on why we selected these curriculum drivers and how they define our curriculum, please see the attached document.  


We have identified 8 Intent statements which reflect what we aim for children to gain through the curriculum at Livingstone.  They are:

Intent 1: Be numerate and literate, meeting or exceeding age related expectations across the curriculum. 

Intent 2: Be confident and articulate communicators.

Intent 3: To be respectful, responsible, caring and considerate members of the local, national and global community.

Intent 4: To be resilient learners who have high aspirations and a desire to succeed.

Intent 5: To encourage mental, physical and social development and equip pupils with the skills to manage their own wellbeing.

Intent 6: To be inquisitive and curious about the world around them.

Intent 7: To be aware of the needs of others and inclusive to all.

Intent 8: To be given rich and varied opportunities to develop across the arts. 

The way in which this feeds in to our curriculum design is shown on the attached model diagram.



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