‘Grow, Learn, Achieve Together’



Head Teacher: Miss Rebecca Willard                              Deputy Head Teacher: Mr John Flint



Mrs Karen Dawson - Nursery (Computing Lead)                                

Mrs Katy Miller - Nursery (Music Lead) 

Ms Stephanie Sellers - Reception (Oracy, Phonics, Reading and Forest School Lead)                                  

Mrs Sarah Davies -  Year 1 (DT and Forest School Lead)

Mrs Lianne Marshall  - Year 1  (SENDCo, Pupil Premium and English Lead)                              

Miss Lorrie Mathews - Year 2

Mrs Naomi Coulter - Year 3    (RE Lead)

Miss Emma Docherty - Year 3 (Art Lead)

Mrs Jessica Legge – Year 4     (Science and JASS award Lead)

Miss Sophie Keating - Year 5 (History Lead)

Mrs Chloe Bromley - Year 6    (PSHE lead)

Mr John Flint  -  Year 6   (Deputy Head, Maths, PE and Assessment Lead, School Council)

Mrs Nicola Brough - Intervention Teacher  (Geography Lead, LAC Designated Teacher and JASS award)



Mrs Deb Parkinson - Learning Mentor and Attendance Manager

Miss Laura Donohue - School Administrator

Mrs Lauren Hanson - School Business Manager


Support staff

Miss Melanie Noble - EYFS

Ms Ruth McCann - EYFS 

Miss Katie Logan - KS1

Miss Amy Murphy - KS1

Mrs Hilary Wright - KS1

Mrs Emma Hampson-Byrom – KS1

Mrs Rachael Bowen - KS2

Mrs Debra Pallister - KS2

Mrs Jackie Robinson - KS2

Mrs Jenna Hill - KS2

Mrs Bernadette Cox - KS2 

Mrs Shelley Hodgkinson - Midday Supervisor

Ms Anne Marie Davey - Midday Assistant

Mrs Hayley Griffiths - Midday Assistant

Ms Lisa Re - Midday Assistant


Mr Stephen Sellers – Site Manager

Ms Fiona Morton - Cleaner

Mrs Kerry Barber – Cook in Charge


Livingstone Primary School

Valeside, Old Brow, Mossley OL5 0AP

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