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Our Curriculum

We are proud of the curriculum we offer to children who attend Livingstone Primary School and the opportunities that both the curriculum and our co-curriculum (extra curricular opportunities and experiences) provide.

We have thought carefullly about what we want children to gain from their learning whilst they attend Livingstone.  This is called our Curriculum Intent.  We have then looked carefully at how we organise and sequence children's learning and the experiences we are able to offer.  This is our Curriculum Implementation.  We have then considered the Impact that our curriculum has on children who attend Livingstone.  It is important for us as a school that we don't just think about the impact in terms of academic results but that we also think about the impact children gain in wider terms looking at the whole child.  

We have three defining principles though that we have based our curriculum development upon.  

  • At Livingstone Primary School, we define learning as a long-term change in knowledge, skills or understanding that builds on previous study and experience. 
  • Our aims are to ensure that our students experience a wide breadth of study and, by the end of each key stage, have long-term memory of an ambitious body of procedural knowledge, understanding and skills.
  • We have high aspirations for all children to achieve, regardless of differences in ability, social background, culture, race, gender or disability. 

There is more information about our Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact on the following pages.  Subject specific information is provided on the relevant pages.  If you would like to see more about the curriculum for each year group, please visit the class page.  


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