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Here at Livingstone we have a well-rounded Music Curriculum with lots of practical opportunities for the children to engage in. Our teaching staff have developed excellent topic based learning that follows the national curriculum guidance in Music. We also use the teaching scheme Charanga and are implementing this throughout school.

In Key Stage 2 our Year 6 children have brass instrument tuition every week. They are able to learn to play either the trumpet or trombone. At the end of Year 6 they have the opportunity to perform with their peers from the Mossley and Carrbrook partnership, the Mossley Hollins High School Year 7 band and the main Mossley Hollins band at a showcase brass concert. Our hope is that as many of them move onto Mossley Hollins they will continue to learn how to play a brass instrument and join the Year 7 band as many of our former pupils have.

We provide choral tuition for one class a term. Year 3 take part during the Autumn term and in later terms Year 4 and Years 1 and 2 will have the opportunity for whole class choral tuition. School pays for both the Brass and Choral tuition but they are arranged through the Mossley and Carrbrook Schools' Partnership.

Class teachers in Year 1 and Year 2 teach children the basics of reading musical notation through learning to play the recorder. 

We also have a range of peripatetic music teachers who come in to provide individual and small group music lessons on instruments such as the piano, the violin, the cello and the guitar. 



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