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In every aspect of the curriculum, English can be found. Our children become confident speakers, listeners, readers and writers and are given opportunities to use and practise these skills in every subject. The English curriculum and the teaching of it has never been more high profile.

Here at Livingstone we place a great emphasis on the importance of reading, whether this be through active phonics sessions, inviting book areas, book clubs, stimulus books and simply reading for pleasure. We encourage and nurture a love of reading and support children of all ages and abilities to access the wonderful world of books.  We have purchased lots of new books to make our library and book areas interesting including graphic novels which are popular with our reluctant readers. We also involve the children in lots of fun activities such as World Book Day, The Terrific Travelling Book and author visits.

To support early reading, Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 (Key Stage One) have a daily phonics session. We keep these sessions as active as possible using games, songs and texts to teach the ‘Letters and Sounds’ phonic phases. We usually teach phonics in small groups so that we can ensure the best possible progress. 

As the children start to read, they will be given phonetically decodable books according to the phonics phase they are working on.  We believe this will support them to reinforce their decoding skills and support improved progression in phonics.  The main scheme for this is the Phonics Bug books.  However, these are supplemented with other schemes which we have matched to the 'Letters and Sounds' progression.  This is continued in Year 1 until children are secure at Phase 5.  At this point they change to reading books from our main scheme.

With the current restrictions, we are using the Oxford Owl ebook library, which enables the children throughout school to access a range of books at the correct level, safely at home.  Children will continue to access to ‘paper’ books and texts in the classroom for independent reading, reading for pleasure and guided reading. Please see below for a guide on how to access Oxford Owl online.

Each half term a quality text (usually linked to the class topic theme) is used as a stimulus for English teaching.  Using this text, teachers will teach vocabulary, grammatical skills, spoken language skills and provide long and short writing opportunities. This teaching culminates in pupils producing a comprehensive narrative followed by and a non-fiction text, which incorporate the grammatical skills taught, new vocabulary introduced and use the genre specific structure and features.


For further information, the Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation scheme of work can be downloaded below, along with guides on Phonics at home and Reading at home produced by the Tameside Loves Reading team.








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