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Modern Foreign Languages

All children in Key Stage Two (Years 3,4,5,6) are taught Spanish.

This is a weekly lesson taught by a specialist teacher from Mossley Hollins High School. This is arranged as part of the Mossley and Carrbrook Schools' Partnership.

To introduce the learning of Spanish, and build excitement for the subject, Year 3 pupils from primary schools across the partnership spend the morning at the local high school engaging in lots of different, fun Spanish activities and trying typical Spanish food. 

Our Spanish lessons cover a variety of topics such as family, where I live, holidays, hobbies and travel.  

At the start of Key Stage Two, we focus on learning speaking and listening skills through games, songs and learning phrases and responses.  As children progress with their learning, they will gradually speak and listen to longer phrases and sentences.  We then add in reading and writing skills so that by the end of Key Stage 2 they have a solid basis in all four skills.  We believe this helps children to do very well and feel confident in their Spanish lessons when they start at the local high school.  The local high school also reports that children are enthusiastic about their Spanish lessons and that they have very good pronunciation.  

Livingstone Primary School

Valeside, Old Brow, Mossley OL5 0AP

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